WBMB Podcast

Episode 223

WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY® | Yanghee Paik, CEO and Co-Founder of Rael – From K-Pop to K-Beauty: The Journey of an Accidental Entrepreneur

Episode 222

WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY® | David Gaylord, Co-Founder of Bushbalm – Everywhere Skincare: How One Honeymoon Started a Successful Business

Episode 221

WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY® | Echo Sandburg, Chief Brand Officer of CP Skin Health – Embracing the Uncomfortable: Turning the “Wrong Time” into the Right Time

Episode 220

WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY® | Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson, Senior Director at Procter and Gamble – Empathy: The Secret Sauce to Being Effective as a Leader and Reaching Your Target Audience

Episode 219

WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY® | Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps, Founders of HigherDOSE – The Power of Nature-Inspired Technologies: Elevating Your Health and Getting High, Naturally

Episode 218

WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY® | Dr. Michelle Henry, Board Certified Dermatologist – The Beauty in Uniqueness: Finding Your Own Type of Beautiful

Episode 217

WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY® | Chris Appleton, Celebrity Hairstylist/Global Creative Director of Color Wow and Gail Federici, CEO of Federici Brands – Passion Over Profit: Getting to the ROOT of Success

Episode 216

WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY® | Joanna Czech, Esthetician and Founder of Joanna Czech Skin Care – I am My Biggest Competitor: How to Get to the Top of Your Game

Episode 215

WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY® | Head To Toe and The J.Lo Glow: How Your Energy Affects Personal and Professional Performance – Kim Bogash, Training & Education Manager at HydraFacial

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