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2023 Season Themes

We’ll strategically customize the right opportunity for you to reach your target audience.

January-March: C-Suite Wisdom

To kickoff 2024, we are diving deep into the minds of those who sit at the head of the boardroom—the CEOs! What does it take to make a CEO? What does the career journey of a CEO look like? We’re asking the tough questions and yeah, okay, some silly questions too, because that’s how we do it over here at WBMB™.

April-June: Influencer Journeys

For our second theme of the year, we’re pulling back the curtain—or should we say ring light—on those who inspire us online. It’s our Influencer Journey quarter! We can’t wait to meet the people behind the posts and learn about the glamorous (and not so glamorous) side of all things influencer!

July-September: Artistry

The artists in our industry are essential voices in the conversations between client and customer. Whether it’s makeup, hair, or skincare, we look to artists for their understanding of ingredients and their passion for the process. Join us as we chat with some of our favorite beauty professionals for our Artistry series to learn about their career journeys!

October-December: Health Innovations

One thing we noticed from our conversations with Health Innovators in 2023, was that those making strides in this space often saw a void in the healthcare world, and were bold and yes, innovative enough to fill it. We’re so excited to speak with more pros in the Health Innovations world and hear all about their career journeys!