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Listen Again Awards 2023 Q3 Winner: Neil Scibelli

2023 Q3 Winner

Neil Scibelli
Listen Again Awards 2023 Q4 Winner: Ron Robinson

2023 Q4 Winner

Ron Robinson
Listen Again Awards Archive Winner: Shontay Lundy
Archive Winner
Shontay Lundy


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Jodi and her guests give wonderful insight and tips to propel your business forward and motivate you to be the best you can be!

FRE Cosmetics, Apple Podcasts Review

Working in the beauty industry, I love learning everything I can about brands and their founders. Especially the stories of where they started and where they plan to go.

Chelsea TIQ,
Apple Podcasts Review

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Super informative, really smart, interesting conversations — especially if you’re in the business of beauty.

Alex Bradberry,
Apple Podcasts Review

Society puts a pressure on women to be beautiful, but I am grateful to listen to people who are educated, generous, giving, impactful, and are paving the way for my generation.

Regina Sandoval,
Apple Podcasts Review

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