Episode 31: Tiffany Andersen, CEO of Tiffany Andersen Brands

Meet Tiffany Andersen. CEO and Founder of Tiffany Andersen Brands. Listen as she discusses how after harrowing tragedies she made career and personal choices that not only keep her alive but allow her to thrive.

Dan Hodgdon
AnnouncerWelcome to Where Brains Meet Beauty, hosted by Jodi Katz, founder and creative director of Base Beauty Creative Agency.
Jodi KatzHey everybody. I'm so excited to introduce to you Tiffany Andersen, she's the CEO of Tiffany Andersen Brands, which includes Gavee Gold and Salts Alive. Tiffany, welcome to "Where Brains Meet Beauty."
Tiffany AndersenThank you Jodi, I'm really excited to be here. It was nice to meet you in New York, for the first time meeting you there [inaudible 00:00:33]
Jodi KatzYeah, we're so excited, and for our listeners, we've done work with Tiffany through Base Beauty and my team loves working with her and her team, and they actually all say hi Tiffany. They wanted to make sure I gave them a shout out to you ...
Tiffany AndersenAh. Absolutely tell them I said hi.
Jodi KatzLet's start with something easy, what does a typical day look like for you Tiffany?
Tiffany AndersenOh gosh, okay a typical day for me would be anything from answering the phones to taking out the trash, negotiating international deals, you know as the owner you wear multiple hats, so it just never ends. You do whatever needs to be done, 24/7. That's pretty much what my day looks like. Pretty much whatever it calls for. As the owner you know every piece of your company, so you just pick up whatever needs to be picked up.
Jodi KatzDo you have any like reservations or resentments around having to do all those types of tasks?
Tiffany AndersenDo I have any reservations about doing all those types of tasks?
Jodi KatzYeah.
Tiffany AndersenNo, not at all because it's ... this is my brainchild, you know. I love what I do, I love my work. No matter what it calls for, if its editing, if its design, whatever it's gonna be, if I need to step in and help with a project, I'll absolutely do so. The good thing is, you know, I do have a great team. I don't have to do as much as I used to do, but I don't have any reservations doing it. You know you just ... when you love your work, it doesn't feel like you're working, you know a 100 hours a week, even though you are.
Jodi KatzYeah, I ... actually it's kind of timely that you mention, like the taking out the trash kind of idea. Today I'm just getting like really frustrated with having to do something like I felt I've done a 1000 times before. I feel really ready to not be a part of it, and for whatever reason [crosstalk 00:02:31] putting it in front of me today. I'm resentful of it, like I'm frustrated like, I don't want to do this anymore, this task, right. I have to but ...
Tiffany AndersenWell yeah, and you know what Jodi, it's funny you say that because just recently I have kind of felt like that. I'm not going to lie, as the owner you start to get to be a little bit resentful because your tired. It's hard raising a company to this level. You're human, you're not a super hero, you want to pretend like you are sometimes and you can do everything and you will do everything right, because you're like the owner. But there are definitely days where I'm like you know, I wanna vacation today. I want a day off too.

I'm not going to lie, it's a little frustrating sometimes and you get a little bit resentful. I always try to put myself in check and remember this is such a blessing to be here and to have this opportunity and do the things I'm doing. If everyone could do it, you know, they would. But this is not an easy thing to do. I think that it really takes a super strong dedication of someone who's willing to sacrifice so much of themselves, their family, their lives and unfortunately sometime even your health gets a little bit sacrificed.
Always trying to reach down rebalance what your purpose is, and your reason. Don't let those things that get us down overwhelm us, you have to keep going forward at the end of the day.
Jodi KatzRight. I guess what I'm hearing from you is if I refocus on my gratitude's, right like, I get to be my own boss, I have no one breathing down my throat. Who cares that I have to like call the messenger, or you know whatever it is. [crosstalk 00:04:11] And that's like annoying to me at this point. Does it really matter? Is it really worth getting all, like angry about it.
Tiffany AndersenThat's absolutely the truth and thank you for that reminder cause it is true. I absolutely have felt that but I ... like you said, I try to go back to the attitude of gratitude and remember what the purpose it.
Jodi KatzRight. And you know what, I guess if I had a full time job and I did have a boss breathing down my throat, I'd have a lot more resentment, than like calling the messenger.
Tiffany AndersenYeah. That's true. Absolutely true. We'd be resenting a lot of other things for sure.
Jodi KatzSo, lets just ... you know, switch topics, anytime I've spoken with you, you've shared how brave you've been through really challenging circumstances. On your website you call it, "Turning Tragedy into Triumph," and you've done that several times over. I'm sure its painful and challenging but would you share details of these tragedies with us?
Tiffany AndersenYeah, and you know what? I appreciate the sensitivity to it, buts it actually not painful for me to talk about it, anymore, at all. It used to be when these things first happened, which I didn't [inaudible 00:05:24] I would never talk about them because it was too painful. For several years I couldn't talk about it. Now it's almost like third person, it happened to me but its all being turned for good so I'm okay with what has happened. Basically the short story was, I was in a near fatal accident when I was 15. I was told that I would never walk again. I had multiple surgeries to correct the damage. I almost died on several occasions. I can't tell you how many bones I broke in my body. I finally did escape death and paralysis. At 15 years later, I was diagnosed with Stage 4, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma ...
Jodi KatzOh my God.
Tiffany AndersenBy the grace of God, I learned to survive that too. In doing so, I really learned that my purpose was still to show others how not to give up. For me, I was a fighter, you know, you go through those circumstances, you kind of look at life like, okay you're either going to fight through this challenge and try to become better or be better than you were before, or you're gonna let those challenges take you down. You're gonna suffer and you're gonna be sad and you're gonna be miserable. And so ...
Jodi KatzIs that something you were able to do at 15, Tiffany? Have that kind of attitude, how did that work as a teenager?
Tiffany AndersenWhen I was 15, I had a really good attitude about it. For a long time, I would say and pull emotional drama thought into play because I was 15. You're in high school, you have boyfriends, and things are falling apart all around you, crush you. You don't know if you're going to survive, things were much more difficult in a way for me at 15. It did take me longer to recover from the accident. From almost dying from staph infection, and being told I would walk like a hunchback for the rest of my life.

Trying to digest that, at 15, was devastating. Then finding a miracle doctor that corrected a great deal of the damage, so that I could walk like a normal person. That was ... it was harder, but at the end of the day, it was my mom who gave me the tough love, after about two years of misery and suffering and recovery, she finally came to me and said, "You know Tiffany, you can walk. You can walk. You have your whole life in front of you. Figure out what you want to do in life and do it and stop feeling sorry for yourself." It was just that motherly tough love, you know. I needed that, I really needed someone to come in and kind of slap me silly.
I decided to focus my life on my career and what I wanted to become. I did that by first looking at the field of aesthetics because I knew if I could help myself look better from the damage that I suffered through, that would be very good for me and two, if I could get paid to help others feel better about themselves, that would be even better. I know when you help transformed someone's skin to be the healthiest it can be, you also help transform the person to be the best they can be.
I know that I transformed myself, and it changed everything about my life. How I looked at life, what I wanted to do and how I wanted to help people. I know that from walking that experience at such a young age, and learning to transform my physical body, what it did for me emotionally, spiritually and mentally, that's what I wanted to pass on to other people. I expanded on my career and become a holistic health practitioner and decided that was the path I was gonna take, was gonna help people understand and overcome tragedy. You can come out better, and in the end, if you can share that experience with others to help someone else, then that's really the best thing ever. That's the icing on the cake.
Jodi KatzWhen you were 15, was this a car accident you were in?
Tiffany AndersenYes it was. It was a car accident that ... we hit the center divider and I was thrown from the car onto the freeway through the windshield. I broke my back, my ... in a few places, my pelvis and thighs, my hips and thighs, my major internal damage I was really on the verge of death before the ambulance even got there, for short.
Jodi KatzWere the other people in the car severely injured as well?
Tiffany AndersenThere was five of us in the car, and everybody else walked away.
Jodi KatzOh my God.
Tiffany AndersenThe car rolled across the freeway five times. By the grace of God, I will say, they all walked away, miraculously. I'm very very happy for that, because it did happen to be my car and it was a defective tire that we had a blowout. That's what happened, is it was a really bad blowout, my ex-boyfriend at the time, lost control of the vehicle and we hit the center divider.
Jodi KatzOh my god, that's crazy. I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine going through that at all, let alone at 15. Did you miss out on prom and the other things that friends were doing at the time?
Tiffany AndersenOh yeah, for sure. When I first ended up in the hospital, I thought oh, a couple of broken bones, no big deal, I'll be home in time for cheerleading and football games and homecoming and everything. That was a very naïve way of thinking because I was severely messed up and I didn't realize how close to never walking again I really was. Even today the doctors say that it really is a miracle that I can walk because I have partial paralyzation to my colon and my lymphatic system. My body does not filter out toxins, and this is one of the reasons that I was so passionate about creating this skin care that does not have toxic chemicals in it. No carcinogens, hormones, disruptors or neuro toxins.
Jodi KatzWould you feel open with us telling us ... what ... how your day is different than mine because of those internal challenges?
Tiffany AndersenSure, I don't think probably my day is much different than yours because of those challenges, other than the fact that I do live in chronic pain. I know you're probably thinking, well that's a big difference, but I have pain, for me I have come to accept the pain. It is my reminder of why I'm here. To help others see that there is beauty in life, even after tragedy. I know that I have to stay healthy, I have to exercise, I have to mediate, I have to do my yoga and Pilates for sure. I have to eat right, so I have to take better care of myself than probably the regular person who doesn't have the injuries and the things that I do.

Otherwise, I can't function. To be honest with you, honestly one glass of wine, I'll feel like I had a whole bottle. Obviously I don't drink a lot of wine, things like that, my liver and my organs don't function as strongly as the next persons. I'm constantly detoxing, I'm constantly trying to find the next thing that's really gonna help reverse damage that was done in my body. But you know what Jodi, out of all of those things, I don't feel sorry for myself, I don't ... I'm not sad about it because in all honesty, I didn't think I would still be alive at this age.
I thought I was gonna die at a very very young age. I almost did, at age 34 when I got Stage 4 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, the doctors had me on major ... well before the cancer, the doctors had me on like over five major pharmaceuticals to deal with all the chronic pain that I had from the accident. That was 15 years later that I got the cancer, so around 28, they started flooding me with pharmaceutical drugs, certainly took the pain away, but it did almost nearly kill me, in my opinion because my liver, again, could not flush those toxins. I ended up with State 4 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
During that process, basically on my death bed, we did not have the choice to forego chemotherapy or anything like that. We went ahead and did chemo because I was in the emergency room with a collapsed lung and another partially collapsed, so literally hours away from dying. We did radical chemo and radiation but we also, my husband Tony, now that I'm married to, would started researching holistic therapy. We did a lot of holistic therapy, my cancer reversed itself in half the time it normally does.
In my condition, by the time I was done with the therapies, I continued the holistic course and I got off every pharmaceutical that I was on. I had more energy, I had more clarity in my mind, I had no like ... I wouldn't say no pain, but my pain was severely decreased because what I learned was, how to eat foods that were anti-inflammatory. I learned how to take herbs that would help with a lot of the issues I had, and that was at 34 and I'm 47 and I don't take pharmaceuticals for anything now. I haven't since then. To me, it's an absolute miracle that I can function and be as vibrant and healthy as I am, with all of the issues that I have had and still have. That I'm able to maintain it, through diet and nutrition and clean living.
For me, this is my passion, to help teach people and share with people, in starting with skin care because it's the largest organ of the body. You can live a full and vibrant life, no matter what you're faced with, it's how you look at life for one thing. If you're gonna always be on the negative Nancy side, or the glass is half empty side, then that's just something that you're always gonna be dealing with. Negativity breeds disease. You have to start with a positive mind. I really believe in the full mind, body, spirit. I believe in all of that. Its got to be the whole package.
Jodi KatzI'm thrilled to hear about the health that you experience now. I can't even imagine what it's like to go through these tragedies, but when you were dealing with cancer, here's the second tragedy, right, 15 years later, you're still very young, and you said it was Stage 4. So right, this is very scary, how did you get your head in a place to think positively? How does one do that when they're faced with that much fear?
Tiffany AndersenThat's a really good question Jodi. I can be really honest with you and tell you that the only way I was able to do that, because I was knocking on deaths' door, so they say, was my faith in Jesus. That is the only thing that I could reach to and try to make sense of what was happening to me at such a young age. I had just newly married for one year to the love of my life, when I had cancer, my mom had just died of Stage 4 cancer a couple of years before, so my brother was absolutely devastated over losing his mom and now his sister who he's very close to. Not to mention that his girlfriend was shot and killed the night that I had found out I had Stage 4 cancer.
Jodi KatzOh my God.
Tiffany AndersenSo we had a ... yeah, we had a lot of trauma in our family, focus at that time, and it was compiled one after the other, there were times when people didn't even know what to say to us. We had so much trauma going on in our family. There's nothing that anyone can say, except, let me pray with you. I had to gravitate towards my faith. I had to reach for something positive, and try and find the answers there, or else I wasn't gonna make it. I decided that if God was going to leave me here, then I wanted him to use me for something positive. I prayed and I did say to God, if you're gonna leave me here, use me for something good, make my life matter. If not, I was perfectly fine and willing to go home because at that time I believed this life was super hard. I had no problems leaving at that time, except for the fact that I was leaving my new husband and my brother, who both would have been absolutely devastated without me. I decided to fight, and God decided to use me, I guess, for bigger things.
Jodi KatzWhy were your lungs collapsed?
Tiffany AndersenMy body was shutting down. I had fluid buildup from my ... I had ... the thing that I don't even know how many liters, like three or four liters of liquid throughout my body, and it was getting in my lungs, so I was drowning basically.
Jodi KatzOh my gosh.
Tiffany AndersenYeah.
Jodi KatzTiffany, this is ...
Tiffany AndersenIt was all ca ...
Jodi KatzCrazy! And awful and its really incredible that you were able to survive both of these things. Not just survive them but have the head space that you do now. We just spoke a few minutes ago about resentment over silly things, like the messenger and the garbage, you know taking out the garbage ...
Tiffany AndersenRight!
Jodi KatzObviously this is a conversation I needed to have today. Maybe it will screw my head back on and be grateful for what I have. It's what I find so astounding is the way you're able to help people and how willing you are to share your story. There's certainly people who've been through tragedy and they don't wanna talk about it. Your willingness to share your story is very brave but it's also really generous.
Tiffany AndersenOh, thank you.
Jodi KatzHow have people who have been going through similar tragedies been able to connect with you, like how do they find you and how they get in touch with you?
Tiffany AndersenNormally they would go to our website, and they would email our support team. Then our support team forwards the emails to me. I specifically wrote a ... several books, one of which is called, "My Beauty Bible," and that one basically goes through everything that I did, my walk through everything, physically, emotionally, mentally. People do say, how did you do it Tiffany, how did you do it? Obviously as I get busier and busier, I would love to hand hold everyone but I don't have the energy to do so and keep myself alive. I wrote a book for that purpose because I want to help people. The "Beauty Bible" talks about how to take care of your skin, from the inside out. Natural therapies and everything that I've done, it's all in there.

It has the skin care and talks about that. Everything from detoxing on herbs, and eating right, and I'm a holistic health practitioner, too. I did go school for this as well, because it became such a strong passion of mine to learn how to survive. Not to survive, to lengthen my life, but to thrive. If I'm gonna be here, I wanna thrive.
Jodi KatzRight.
Tiffany AndersenI don't wanna just be drugged out and stay alive, that will kill me anyways. I want to thrive in life. That's what I want to pass on to people. I know it's a miracle that I'm here today as it is, but more importantly, I think I've been left here to help inspire and help people believe that anything is possible, if you really put your mind in the right mindset.
Jodi KatzWhen you were going through these transformations of leaving disease behind and moving forward in your life, were you actually taking notes on what you were learning? How did you get the stuff together to be able to compile this in a book?
Tiffany AndersenJust through going to school and if I would write research papers for school, I would translate it into blogs and just start making notes of everything. People throughout the year, as a holistic health practitioner, would say hey, I have this situation going on, what can I do for this? I would write up a protocol for them and so just a lot of studying, honestly, just through my notes and work and school. And compiling everything, and I put it all in a book.

I put every book that I think is the best book that people should read, in that "Beauty Bible", so its like my reference guide book. I am actually changing it into a type of a book where it will have a one week plan and each week you can walk, week by week, through a program that will make it very simple for you. People get overwhelmed when their like oh my gosh, I have to do all these things Tiffany! I can't do all these things, and I'm like okay well, can you start with one thing? Can you drink more water, for one week? Can you take [inaudible 00:23:19]salts for one week. I'm trying to make it really really simple for people. Remember this was a life style change, this is not an overnight quick fix, it's not your 12 week lose 50 pounds ...
Jodi KatzRight.
Tiffany Andersen... program. But you will lose weight and feel better and get your mind about you, and be more vibrant. All of those things will happen, but you don't have to do it overnight. I've also been a personal trainer, certified through the American Board For Anti-Aging for sports medicine. I've done a lot of the 12 week programs, get your body in the best shape, I've trained people who've actually placed in different physical contests and done really well for body building and that type of thing. But that is not the norm and people can't stay with those programs. So this is not about looking good in the mirror. That is only going to get you so far, this is about truly being healthy from the inside out. How do you do that? You do that one step at time, with one simple protocol at a time that you can stick to. [crosstalk 00:24:26] And just keep doing it every day.
Jodi KatzI'm glad you acknowledge how overwhelming this could be, a lot of people are trying to make daily changes in their lives just for general health, not necessarily are they faced with life threatening disease.
Tiffany AndersenYeah.
Jodi KatzBut they're just trying to just do better, right, but the world just feels so out of control around us. How can we just do a little bit better for our bodies. But it is really ...
Tiffany AndersenYeah.
Jodi Katz... intense and overwhelming and confusing and you know, probably leads directly back to the Hersey Bar, because its [inaudible 00:24:59] taking on a challenge ...
Tiffany AndersenThat's exactly right.
Jodi KatzThat you feel like you need a four year education in to be able to even understand what to do next. Different [crosstalk 00:25:08] reports ...
Tiffany AndersenAnd you don't.
Jodi KatzRight. Like [crosstalk 00:25:09] each other. I love this idea of once a week tackling one small thing. A little at a time. I actually worked with someone to kind of do a reboot for me in terms of what I was eating and drinking, just for a few weeks but I eliminated sugar, and extra salts, just kind of simple things that didn't feel so overwhelming. And it made me realize, oh my god, how much salt I usually consumed and I don't even realize it. Right.
Tiffany AndersenYeah.
Jodi KatzHow much sugar I consume, and I don't realize it. It was like all the little bit, it was literally like three things I needed to do to make adjustments. It opened my eyes.
Tiffany AndersenAbsolutely. Absolutely. And just finding the switch, like people think, I can never can use sugar again. Well there's things out there that are really good, like for instance, those ... you may have heard of this one, or I'm sure a lot of your readers have, but "Just Like Sugar," it's called "Just Like Sugar", you get at Whole Foods, I swear it tastes exactly like sugar and its good for people who are diabetic and it helps with fiber and it's amazing. It's just learning what to change out the bad for, that will replace it for something that's good for you. Once you learn, okay, I can still have the things I love, but I have to the healthier version of them, then it's a much easier switch.

I don't feel like anything that I do, I can [inaudible 00:26:38] myself. When I do want to go out and have a piece of chocolate cake, I will. Because 95% of the time, I'm doing everything perfect and I still want to enjoy my life and live life. When I'm out with my friends, and their eating everything that I normally would never eat, I'm gonna go ahead and indulge because otherwise then I feel like I am sacrificing so much that it becomes depressing and you don't want to be in that field either. There's a balance to it, and you just know you have to go back and live that clean lifestyle, that you can still go out and celebrate life.
Jodi KatzRight.
Tiffany AndersenHave the good times too.
Jodi KatzYes, sugar is the most challenging thing for me because if I take a break from it, and I mean added sugar, obviously there's sneaky sugar, that I probably don't even know is there but ...
Tiffany AndersenRight.
Jodi KatzBut doing my best, the added sugar, and I go off of it, and then I'll have some, and it's really like a drug. The minute I have some, I need more and the next day I need again. It's incredible what a powerful urge it is once you ...
Tiffany AndersenSugar, yeah sugar is really addicting and it's super hard to get off of. I really, Jodi, just please go try "Just Like Sugar" at Whole Foods and try it in your coffee. Of course the organic coffee or mushroom coffee I hope you're drinking, but ...
Jodi KatzI don't even drink coffee.
Tiffany AndersenWell there you go, you don't have to but mushroom coffee is actually really good for you if you like that. If you use it in your tea, or your cereal, you know whole grain cereal, whatever, get some "Just Like Sugar" on the things that you ... you can even bake with it. They have "Just Like Brown Sugar" and ...
Jodi KatzOh cool. That's awesome. [crosstalk 00:28:13]

Cool, well we didn't know we gonna give "Just Like Sugar" a commercial plug today, but I will definitely try it. Okay ...
Tiffany AndersenRight [crosstalk 00:28:20] We just should call them and let them know.
Jodi KatzWith the few minutes that we have remaining, let just shift gears a little bit and talk about skin care. You talked about why, what motivated you to get certified and really understand the way skin works and health of the skin from the inside out. You're part of an incredibly cluttered market place, we are ... there's not a want for more brands at this point, when there's so many out there. There's different messages, different brands doing different things, but it's a lot to deal with and I'm not a brand owner, I help brands.
Tiffany AndersenRight.
Jodi KatzWhat is it like for you, when you're looking at the landscape, realizing there's so many brands out there. Talking to all these customers, how do you stay in your lane and stay focused?
Tiffany AndersenThat is a really good question because we've had conversations about this with our team, growing up, the competition. Our competitions this and that, and at the end of the day, I have told my team and I've instruct them to now [inaudible 00:29:20]to a certain degree, I let them know, I cannot focus on the competition, I can't focus on what's going on out there too, because at the end of the day, I believe that there's enough people in the world for everybody. The only thing I stay focused on is what do I need to do for the day, for the hour. For this hour, today, what do I need to do to make our company the best it can be. How do I source the best ingredients that I can find to use in our products. For me, it's always about how do we make our company the best. What can we do to upgrade our packaging? What can we do to upgrade our ingredients. How can we have more high performing results.

It's always about make ourselves better and I love that one thing, a flower doesn't think about the flower next to it, it just blooms. It's not worried about the competition. It's just blooms on its own. So if you're worrying about your competition, then you're worrying about the wrong thing.
Jodi KatzThat's so interesting, this idea that the flowers not worried about what's around it. Right? Its just focused on itself, just like the trees, like the grass. They're not obsessed with each other.
Tiffany AndersenYeah.
Jodi KatzThey're just completely focused.
Tiffany AndersenExactly.
Jodi KatzYeah, I mean I think that's a really interesting point of view, to just really think it out, how do I every day, every hour of my work day, stay focused on my customers, my clients, and give them the best that I can. It's just hard though, you know, there's just so much noise, should you be doing this on social, should you be doing this in your marketing. Should you be spending money on [crosstalk 00:30:57]
Tiffany AndersenThat's true and you have to do a little bit of all of that. Unfortunately we are in a social media market today, and so ... or fortunately you could say too, but you have to do a little bit of all of that. You have to say, what works for you, you know, keep your stats and see what works and do you do it again or do you spend your money.

All of those things are just day in and day out, figuring out what's the best path for your company. My best path for my company in the beginning was [inaudible 00:31:28] competition so reaching out to my customers. Doing facial parties, from the ground floor. Getting the word out with their friends. Just really again, focusing on that customer, what can I do to make it the best for them. And then also to get rid of the clutter, I would definitely say, you have to focus yourself. If you don't have a clear mind, and you're so wrapped up in the noise and the clutter, you can't see straight. You're not going to be able to see the truth through the silt or whatever that saying is. So ...
Jodi KatzHere it makes ...
Tiffany AndersenYou have to ...
Jodi KatzGo ahead.
Tiffany AndersenI was just going to say you have to stay focused and centered in yourself too.
Jodi KatzYeah, that makes me think about the definition of success, and I've definitely been like, my minds felt really cob webby, for the past couple of days about, you know, am I defining my success, am I letting other people define what success is. I think that has a lot to do with being able to stay focused, right? I think on a basic level, my idea of success is that my business makes enough money, where my team and I feel like we're really comfortable, and we're not worried. I don't need to be a ...
Tiffany AndersenYeah.
Jodi KatzGazillionaire, it just not a priority. Cause i wanna work ... I don't wanna work a 100 hours a week.
Tiffany AndersenYeah.
Jodi KatzSo, that's okay with me. But I think a lot of times I let like the other noise around me, kind of start to creep in, and kind of I guess, create a filter around what I really want versus what everybody else seems to want. I can't move through, because I'm not seeing it clearly. This conversation is helping me get there. There's what other people want and then there's ...
KeithI'm Ray Charles. Today is the day.
Jodi KatzKeith? Sorry Tiffany, I don't know if you heard that there was some interruption in the audio. So my point is that I think listening to you talk about staying in your lane and stay focused, is helping me understand that I've been actually cob webbing and I've been listening to other people and other peoples ideals of success and not really focusing on my own.
Tiffany AndersenYour smarter than yourself if you wanna really want to have a good company, which I do believe I have done. I have a phenomenal team, but at the end of the day Jodi, it's your vision, it's your heart, it's your baby, so no matter who I hire, that may have been in the industry longer, may have done more college or [inaudible 00:34:08], whatever it is, at the end of the day, I'm going with my intuition and I remembering my purpose and I'm gonna focus on what I'm here for. You kind of just have to say, this is really how I want it to be. I don't know, sometimes you just have to make the hard calls and not get wrapped up on everybody else's opinion, because everybody's gonna have an opinion. Then it gets a little bit hard to decipher what the best opinion is, and that's when you just go with your gut on what you want it to be, you know?
Jodi KatzYes, this is ...
Tiffany AndersenYou have the ...
Jodi KatzSorry, go ahead.
Tiffany AndersenThat's just how you have a great company and I know that you already do that. And I know that you're growing to that level where you and I both, when we've talked about this. Trying to let go, to let our teams take the reins so we can actually survive this process. That's hard too.
Jodi KatzYes, I think that maybe I'm getting a little muddied, and maybe my hands are getting too mixed up in some of the work. I'm not focusing on myself, and what I really need. [crosstalk 00:35:12] It's ... this is the conversation I needed to have today, so thank you Tiffany, it's incredible.
Tiffany AndersenThank you.
Jodi KatzIt's actually all the time that we have today, so I want to thank you again for sharing your resume with us.
Tiffany AndersenThank you for having me.
Jodi KatzOf course, and for our listeners, I hope you enjoyed this interview with Tiffany. Please subscribe to our series on iTunes and for updates about the show, please follow us on Instagram at Base Beauty Creative Agency and of course just like we said earlier, go try "Just Like Sugar" at Whole Foods.
Tiffany AndersenThank you Jodi, so much.
Jodi KatzThanks Tiffany.
AnnouncerThanks for listening to Where Brains Meet Beauty with Jodi Katz. Tune in again for more authentic conversations with beauty leaders.

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