Episode 225: Denis Asamoah, Co-Founder of FORVR Mood

In this engaging episode of WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™, I had the pleasure of interviewing Denis Asamoah, the Co-Founder of FORVR Mood, a luxury lifestyle brand he launched with his fiancée and influencer, Jackie Aina, in 2020.

At FORVR Mood, Denis and his team strive to make self-care more accessible to consumers while emphasizing that quality products shouldn’t come at a high cost. At the start of our conversation, we touched on Denis’s childhood dream of becoming a soccer player and how he discovered his natural sales talent when he started selling sweets in school. We also delved into his early career journey, including his experience working in investment banking, which equipped him with valuable skills and knowledge that have helped shape his approach as a successful entrepreneur at FORVR Mood.

It was intriguing to hear how each experience contributed to his overall leadership style, work ethic, and company culture. Our discussion covered various topics, including the significance of leadership and networking, creating a solid company culture, effective hiring strategies, and prioritizing results. Tune in for a fascinating conversation with a driven and insightful entrepreneur.

Dan Hodgdon

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